The process of transformation starts in the first year of entering High School. Uptown - Stages of Achievements team focused on improving the structure of the program to accomplish the goal of academic and social achievement. Staff, members and parents expanded their knowledge of teaching and learning. The interaction between members and staff create a phenomenal experience.

Uptown - Stages of Achievements
Uptown - Stages of Achievements

Uptown - Stages of Achievements staff is committed to executing professionalism as volunteers of the organization. Our staff respects and support each other' ideas, methods and values. This creates an atmosphere of friendship and encouragement conducive to learning. We strive to offer our children high quality academic and social programs that emphasize using both traditional and contemporary methods.

We stress respect, praise, encouragement and love as a means of providing a comfortable and safe training environment. In such an environment, children will develop their God given talents. We endeavor to establish a relationship that fosters positive self-image in the members and will result in their academic and social growth.

Board of Directors

  • Veta Rodriguez, President/Founder
  • Tonya Knight, Vice President
  • Bayyinah Lyons, Treasurer
  • Kellena Nelson, Recording Secretary
  • Barbara Brack , Executive Advisor

Committee Members

  • Shirley Gregory - Community Service Director
  • Ashley Martinez, Social Awareness Director
  • Tangie McFarland, Retreat Director
  • Shelly Dennis, Youth Director