Uptown - Stages of Achievements is for female students entering their freshman year of high school and is designed to follow the member throughout their high school experience. Members focus will be on community service, communication, health management, culture and travel to name a few. These principles will be administered via group workshops, webinars, seminars and retreats. Each member that successfully completes all four stages of this sponsorship/scholarship program will be prepared for college entrance.

Admissions And Recruitment Process

Members are recruited by program flyers and applications distributed to various Junior High Schools, High School Guidance Counselor Offices and Youth Recreation Centers in Hartford and surrounding towns. Everyone interested in the program is required to complete an application and attend a Meet and Greet session  accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Each member completes  membership, participation fee and media contracts and a waiver of liability. All contracts are completed and returned with a $20.00 fee at the first group session. There is no waiting list and at the end of a three month probation period member will have full voting rights. Each parent/guardian is expected to be an active participant in the program.

Program Design And Training Method

Uptown - Stages of Achievements adapted the educational-to-community service model as the foundation for its program framework. Essential to the model is the concept that learning is geared towards preparing youth for the future. To ensure that all members receive the educational and social training they need to participate in society, we need to be certain that they possess the necessary skills for lifelong learning, including the ability to access and manipulate information in a rapidly changing environment. Uptown - Stages of Achievements believes whatever direction a member may pursue, be it higher education, employment, or a combination of both, they must leave home competent and ready to participate in the democratic process.

Uptown - Stages of Achievements program utilizes themes such as unity and pride in combination with performing arts. There is a strong emphasis placed on hands on learning. A high level of exhibition is required for all members to advance to the next level.

The creation and maintenance of high academic and social skills are strongly supported by a professional development model that nurtures collaborative reflection. Staff is engaged in peer coaching and the examination of member's behaviors to improve instruction.